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Check Out Our Packages

3 Hour Pack

(3 Lessons)
  • Private In-Car Instruction
  • Pre and Post Lesson follow Up
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off

5 Hour Pack

(5 Lessons)
  • Private In-Car Instruction
  • Pre and Post Lesson follow Up
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Save $15!

Check Out Our Packages

1 Hour Driving Lesson $75*

DriveSafe offers car driving lessons with a professional instructor and new safe vehicles in Karratha. We offer a range of multi-lesson packages so you can save on each lesson. It is recommended you take at least one professional driving lesson before sitting a driving test. 

*Own Car $60

For package options, terms and conditions please call:

0409 441 230

Services We Offer

DriveSafe Karratha offers Manual and Automatic Lessons in your car or one of our 5 Star ANCAP rated vehicles. We don't just aim to help each student pass their test on the first attempt, but also strive instill safe driving habits for life. Easily schedule your lesson with our online bookings. 

Manual & Automatic lessons
We offer lessons to help you become and expert in automatic or manual transmission - or both!
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Use our Vehicles or Your Own
We have two 5 Star ANCAP safety rated vehicles, both automatic and manual, available for lessons. 
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Flexible Lesson Schedule
We offer easy online bookings and payments, and are available early morning and weekends. 
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Now providing motorcycle lessons

1 hour lesson $75

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About The Instructor

Our instructors are all fully qualified and licensed driving instructors and have years of experience behind them on the roads. We don’t agree with just getting you to a level to pass your test; we want to teach you the skills that may save your life on the road.

ISAAC JONES , Male Instructor

Isaac's background in freight transportation left him with a lot of experience.

After 10 years of transporting goods across Western Australia, he now spends his time emphasizing safe, calm driving.

DEBBIE SWARBRICK, Owner/Instructor 

Annette grew up loving cars – so when the opportunity to be a driver trainer popped up, she snapped it up.

She spends her days helping her students grow more confident behind the wheel.

DON JOHANSON , Male Instructor

Don loves making a difference and helping to ensure the roads are filled with safe, mindful drivers.

As former students can attest, Don attributes his success to a few deep breaths in any stressful situation!

Our Cars

We have two 5 star ANCAP safety rated cars available for your lessons. These are equipped with front and rear dash cameras and dual controls for everyone's safety. Additionally, you may use your own vehicle for a discounted lesson rate. 

2019 Suzuki Swift Model
5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating
Manual or Auto
Dual Controls

What People Say About Us

Hear feedback from our happy students!


The help I had from Debbie was amazing.  Made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  Without her I don’t think I could have had the confidence to sit my license and feel calm whilst doing so.   Couldn’t thank her enough. 


Debbie was a nice and friendly instructor who understood and helped me every way possible when it came to the driving. The way she taught made the lesson fun and enjoyable


Debbie was awesome I see a massive improvement in my daughter's driving and safe confidence  Thank u

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